Saturday, June 18, 2005

Lifeboat-Hamptons (now LIFESTYLE | HAMPTONS) is hosting the following Micronations for the project MICRO | SCOPE:

Lean-To Livin'.
Logo Lagoon.
Flags of a Different Brand.

For a hot conversation and a good cause : July 16 : Saturday Night in Southhampton

A celebration of life, liberty, and the pursuit of high fashion. The spectacle of Micro | Scope will have its culmination in a semi-private affair, promising successful encounters, hedonistic pleasures, and all for a great cause, the Center for Sociability, Put the FUN back in FUNdraiser! (brought to you by the best sponsors.)
PS - MANNERS MATTER - It will be a beautiful evening in the Hamptons in an elegant setting. Leave the rude behavior on the streets of the city. RSVP early so there isn't a last minute missing of the list. If there is a legitimate problem at the door don't make it a capital offense. You'd be surprised how many people try to scam their way into these benefits. There's no bigger turn off than someone who yells at a charity event volunteer.)

G-77 Kiosk: Moving Map Surveillance Station:
A trade-show setup of maps, beginning from Micro-Scope© and expanding to The Hamptons©. Using a variety of modern surveillance methods, G-77 will record and map the Hamptons, keeping it safe and keeping its inhabitants up to date on the latest goings-on.

They will have real-time maps, will be simultaneously recording and displaying happenings and experiences throughout the area.

Rapheal Shirley
Circumstantial collisions by Raphaele Shirley. A great statement can sometimes be found in silence. A great act can be simply to observe, to be there seeing. To influence through one’s awareness. As an actor in this world (because I am here) I would like to speak and intervene solely so that, in the conjugations of life events, my involvement and impact is that of a catalyzing agent, this, through careful observation and focused intentions. From this stance, the object of creation could be a very light handed, yet perhaps highly consequential, act: the observing and facilitating of circumstantial interactions, the provoking of loosely organized instances, the concentration of a wide range of variables into moments of transcendence.
How could this spell out related to the topic of micronations? My mind spins towards the possibility of redefining the terms of societies and their territories. And, in keeping with the concept of ‘treading lightly”- minimal materials/high impact- generating a series of drawn symbols which contain the concept of a global nation, undefined and pregnant with potential in its acceptance of the freedom and sense of responsibility of its citizens*. As symbols usually contain the keys of identity and meaning, these here created would signify a state, a state of being, whose currency would be potential, empirical wisdom and transparency. Where and how would these symbols manifest themselves in the material realm? On the written page, on fabric, on clothing… Somewhere temporary where they can exist for a short while, to create ripples, effects of their suggestions….

*This global nation, which inherently somewhat exists already by virtue of us all being here in the same time/space continuum, would be aware of itself and accepting of the wild diversity of possible micronations and the wide range of elements of auto-determination that it contains. Make your flag into the latest fashion. Is she recreating the cult of style?

Hunter Gatherer Mission
The Hunter Gatherer Mission is an ongoing series of expeditions in which we have deployed a fleet of Exploratory Rovers i the environment surrounding EarthBase 1 to gather physical samples and photographs from the indigenous population. By this method we can create a detailed image of the societies and cultures within our reach.

One of the investigative methods we employ is the plotting of courses through the unknown by linking together related individuals. Each one of these individuals leads us to a cluster of new individuals, each with their own cluster of associated individuals. In this manner we can gather data on great areas of space, all of it directly relevant to us here at EarthBase 1.

The CamouflageMuseum brings us - Reoility:
Perfume comes from the Latin words ‘per’ and ‘fumare’: through smoke. In ancient time good smell was linked with smoke. In order to make perfume from all the ingredients and use it, the ingredients have to go trough a refinery. Then perfume is presented in beautiful flacons that support the lifestyle and luxury of the product. Out of the many possible scents that represent contemporary lifestyle, our scientists chose mineral oil, because of its political relevance and its link to luxurious items like cars, heat and the shinyness of its black color.

REOILITY is the scent of the summer/fall season 2005!

Remembering Lizzy Grubman, and the end of the Hamptons as we knew it.
"Accident, a performance by John Enxuto will spinout in the Hampton Hall parking lot.

Jason Peters presents: "Air Defined", a sculptural illustration of surface, form, beauty, space and really, all of the things we care deeply about, while Eric Payson disrupts us with "Paramedia" - his baby, his psychosis, his documents of the cult of Long Island.

Hamptons Pool brought to you by Lifeboat | Hamptons:
Come join us for an open discussion on the human condition and other important and timeless claims as we relax in a cool wading pool that will be on display and in use, outside of the Hampton Hall.


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