Saturday, June 18, 2005


One of the first questions in planning Lifeboat Hamptons: Micro-Scope, a project broaching the subject and possibility of the Micro-nation, is of course: What will we wear in our mainstay, The Hamptons Micro-Nation?

A breakdown of the daunting question we face:

Step 1: Practicality.
A. We plan on sun. This calls for a minimal bathing suit, maximizing skin exposure, multitasking tanning time with education, while we teach the Nationalists© the way of the Micro-nation.
B. We must protect our Micro-nation. We will be patrolling the sandy beaches and fab parties of the Hamptons, securing our sacred lifestyle and the Hamptons Solid Status Structure (H3S). We need to wear items that demand respect, while simultaneously allow us to covertly record and protect the immediate surroundings, from the Hamptons-Shares to the Permanent Residents, from the parties to the art-fair.

Step 2: Illumination.
A. As a group presenting the cohesion between good style and progressive politics, there are a few rules that apply when deciding on Micro-Nation Wear. The label is a blatant signifier of The Dollar. The more at ease one is inside of his or her own wealth, the less showy one is. Do we want to present our team as caricatures of Southhampton, or take a cue from our more subdued Westhampton neighbors? Do we want to shout “Louis Vuitton”, or exude Pucci?

I am opting for choice B, The Private Designer, but a little variety within the group never hurt, and as long as it remains solely within the surface realm of fashion, and does not seep into our very ideological reasons for being, it is fine.

For Further Reference, I have consulted with Hamptons View:
Unless stated on the invitation men rarely wear ties and can always fall back on the khaki, blue blazer uniform especially if the event is in Southampton, but try to give it a little snazz. For the gals, remember that many of high society's doyennes all shop at the same places so to avoid ending up with a separated at birth twin across the room, mix and match different designers and pieces so you come up with something unique. There is almost always a chill in the air so you'll need layers. That sundress that was great at 4 will be freezing at 10 so keep a shawl or sweater handy - unless of course you've got a chivalrous guy who lends you his classic but stylish blue blazer.
This is all good to keep in mind.


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