Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A Well Tanned Fittness Machine

I am entering my third week of my intensive workout schedule and I am feeling rather good about the situation. To start off with I teamed up with my trainer Jonathan Leach. He is of a large build and spent his earlier days involved in wrestling. He stands at about 7ft and speaks to me in a rather deep booming voice. We sat down at first and discussed our game plan. I told him what areas I felt needed improving. It was from here that he was able to show me what weights we would be using and the proper lifting procedure. We talked about how one must not only work out, but reach a meditative state of mind. You have to focus on not only the lifting but meditate on the muscle it is you are isolating in order to meet your ultimate goal. After you have mastered this you will be able to forget about the movement of lifting and it will become a natural aspect of the workout. This leaves you with a pinpointed lifting session, which is what you want to look your best. All in all I bike quite often for leisure and feel that I am in pretty good shape. I am looking for a nicely chiseled body which would look good in the summer time and yet don’t want to be perceived as over powering. All in all a summer body that will look good with a nice tan.

We started in on the workout with a visit to the workout bench, my new friend. The benching procedure I embark on will start to work out my Deltoids as well as my Pectoralis Major, while giving my Triceps and Biceps a mild experience. I did two sets of 12 with a stretch in between, although now I have advanced into power lifting, which I have cranked it up to 5-6 sets with the maximum amount of weight on the bar. This is quite the workout. Usually by the last set I am making lots of strange noises as I exhale. My arms start to get wobbly and my trainer shouts at me until I finish the motion. He helps me with the bar, slaps me on the back and hands me my Performance Drink for a nice cool down. I then sit down at the end of the bench and meditate before I begin my Preacher Curls. The preacher curls are fun and I can usually lift a good amount of weight. This exercise focuses on my biceps. It’s a slow motion as all the other exercises and I am able to look directly at the muscles as I work them out. These are followed by hammer curls, dead lifts, squats, crunches, power lifting, and a nice cool down with 75 push ups.

For the training I bought a 1lb container of Shakelee Performance Maximum Endurance Sports Drink. This is what I drink during my workout, its pretty tasty with a natural orange flavor. According to the information on the back, a team of Daedalus athletes, who broke many world records for pedaling a plane for 72 miles, were able to use this drink as there only source of energy. The were able to keep up there performance for up to six ours, that’s the energy equivalent of running three marathons back to back. Wow. I only work out for about two hours but I would say I could definitely feel it. When I am done I usually stretch out for another 15minutes, do some jogging around the block and head home for a after work out shake. In a blender I use 1/2 cup of Shakelee Physique Workout Maximizer Supplement powder with cold milk. It has a rather thick banana flavor which after a while can be too much. I blend it up with 2% milk, something that is not too fatty yet still health conscious. Every other day I mix fruit in the shake for a bit of variety. I have one of these shakes right after my workout and another two hours later. With this routine I am able to maximize my muscle recovery for both strength and endurance. The formula helps me to create optimum conditions for the anabolic or rebuilding response following regular exercise. As my trainer says along with the good people of Shakelee, “ An enhanced anabolic state can result in increase muscle mass and power for strength athletes and faster glycogen resynthesis ( energy return) for endurance athletes. Depending on the workout I sometimes drink a third shake just to make sure. With this schedule I can definitely see some results in my pecs and Deltoid areas.

My Diet
I have joined up with not only does it help me with my workout, I can ask questions and get responses from other weight lifters like myself and I can get great recipes for my specialized diet. Here is the one I use.
Eat more than 4,500 calories, 300 grams of protein under 15$
Breakfast: 6 whole large eggs, 100 g oatmeal, 1 medium orange. Total calories: 845 Protein: 38 Costs: $1.74
Snack: 1 quart milk, 6 tbsp peanut butter, 2 slices whole-grain bread. total calories: 1200 protein: 66 Costs: $1.91
Lunch: 6 oz canned tuna/chicken, 2 slices whole-grained bread. Total calories: 390 Protein: 33 costs: $1.21
Snacks: 8 oz cottage cheese, weight gainer ( get-big drink) Total calories: 820 protein: 65 costs: $2.95
Dinner: 8 oz lean hamburger, baked potato, 8 oz frozen spinach. Total calories: 900 protein: 40 costs: $2.50
Snack: Protein powder drink, 2 tbsp peanut butter.
Total calories: 400 protein 60 costs: $1.90
Approximate Total calories: 4,500 Protein: 300 Costs: $12.00
I am on my way to becoming the perfect being.


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